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The School of Piano Technology for the Blind is specially designed and well equipped for the teaching of piano tuning, servicing, and rebuilding. A graduation requirement for all technicians at the school is to thoroughly master all aspects of tuning, from unison through temperament to the entire keyboard, along with regulation and repair skills. Instruction was one on one, with constant feedback and encouragement. All students were trained to tune “aurally”, which is a rare trait in today’s electronics dependent society. Aural tuning is a method where the tuner uses tuning fork to tune a string to one note, then tune the other strings based on that note. There are three legs to the tuning method which uses only a tuning fork, and the technician’s ears. This is why so few tuners are aural tuners.

Though the technology of expensive electronic tuning devices have significantly improved recently, the machine cannot replace a well trained ear. Electronic tuners “listen” to the frequencies of the piano strings and adjust the strings until the spinner of the electronic tuning device indicates the correct frequency. This may expedite the process, but for a truly excellent tuning, the piano technician should be able to aurally tune the piano and only use a machine as an aid.

I believe the only way to truly tune a piano is through aural tuning. Not all electronic tuning devices are created equally and not all piano technicians are aurally trained tuners. Why pay for a mediocre tuning when you can have an exceptional tuning at an affordable price? 

"Yesterday, I tuned a piano that you serviced before. The owner was moved from Florida in March. She said that the piano was in storage for a while after the move. I expected that at least small pitch correction was necessary because of the long-distance move, large climate change, and no climate control in the storage. In March, we had a lot of snow. 

After starting tuning, I found that the piano was basically on pitch! Cyber tuner indicated that A4 was exactly on 440Hz! Most of the unisons were also pure. It was literally amazing. I'm so impressed that your tuning is so accurate and unbelievably stable. 

Also, inside of the piano is sparkly clean, and the action is in very good condition. I learned what a professional piano service means from your servicing!"

Best wishes, Kentaro Nabeshima, RPT

Kentaro's Piano Care

Since opening our doors for business back in 2011, Michelle's Melody Fine Piano Tuning, LLC has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the NE Florida community and to continuously improve the personalized services we provide.

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